Marketing Consulting

Two of the most critical steps in developing an effective marketing strategy are research and planning. As a client, we collaborate with you to understand your needs and goals, then deliver clear documentation based on research to align where to invest, and how to build out the proper marketing processes to support that growth.

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Brand Development & Business Consulting

Brand Marketing Strategies

We know that navigating the business and brand marketing landscape can be complex, so we find the most direct and cost-effective methods to achieve your growth goals. We use proven market research to develop a comprehensive strategy that is always custom tailored to you and your unique business requirements; addressing both short and long-term needs.

Marketing Agency Insights

Our brand strategies include actionable insights so that we can make the most educated decisions on where and how to invest for the best return. We also provide consulting on internal systems and processes, as well as provide team training programs.

Initial Evaluation

The most important step in your brand development is the research of current brand positioning, the business environment, future needs, as well any KPI’s by which the performance of the engagement will be measured.

Brand Development

Once we have a thorough understanding of your goals, Eventige Brand Development Teams go to work to realign your marketing systems, improve operations, and assist in business development efforts to increase sales and customer retention.

Innovate, Develop or Grow Your Business

Brand Strategy

We focus on enhancing your marketing and business strategies to create more memorable touch-points with your customers; both in B2B and B2C capacities. We ensure that your strategies align with executional precision, and work collaboratively with you support all of your brand growth goals set in place.

Marketing Programs Expansion

Once our pillars and strategies are set in place, we continue to advance your brand with enhanced tools and applications designed to improve your marketing ecosystem and nurture your target customers throughout their buyers' journey.


Competitive Analysis
Placement Analysis
Positioning Analysis
Demographic Profiles
Industry Research


Marketing Plan
Online Strategy
Digital Strategy
Voice Profiles
Brand Positioning


Account Performance
Engagement / CTR
Analytics Breakdown
Content Performance
A/B/C Split Tests

Brand Innovation & Development Inside Track

Your Strategic Business Partner

With a wide variety of options in how to apply marketing budgets, having a true growth-partner is where you will see the greatest advantage in building a partnership with Eventige Brand Teams.

8+ Years Consulting Experience

You will always be working with seasoned experts that have cross-methodology experience in operations as well as marketing, and have a vested interest in your success both short-term and long. Contact us today to initiate a consultation, and together we will determine which marketing program is perfect for your business.

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